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Exclusive Interview with Mi Casa Music who will be in Tanzania in November 9

Mi Casa Music is a house band based in Johannesburg, South Africa and consisting of 3 members, Dr. Duda (producer) and pianist, J-Something (vocalist and guitarist), and Mo-T (trumpeter).

MiCasa Studio June 2013-1

They rocked fans in Dar es Salaam in March this year at Mlimani City. The event was brought to you by Juega Casa Limited. The will be in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on in November 9, 2013 ready to bring the South African house fever one more time.

As we are waiting for their most anticipated second gig in Dar es Salaam, get to know Mi Casa Music through this fresh and exclusive interview between Bongo5 and J-Something.

Bongo5: We read one interview about you and I found out that you guys met at a party in Sandton and later performed Sade’s hit single, Smooth Operater, what were you doing doing before then?

J-Something: We were all at 3 very different places in our lives. This story actually blows our minds everytime we think of it. Dr.Duda (producer/dj) was already a successful DJ and producer on his own. Myself, well I was just trying to get a job. I wasn’t too sure what my life would entail. Mo T (trumpeter) was doing session work as a trumpeter. So we were all at very different stages of life. And the day we met was the day we freestyles on that stage of the night you speak about.

And tha was in 2013, three years ago, now people may actually think you knew each other long before that or you went to school together, how did such a strong friendship come about?

J-Something: I guess the passion we have developed for this thing called Mi Casa over these 3 years has caused us to become best friends and actually brothers. We often look at everything and think, “wow look at where we are and where we came from.”

Bongo5: Do you usually hang out together even when you are not making music or on tour?

J-Something: All the time. Off days are off days but we tend to see each other on those days now and then. But we also have 3 separate lives with different responsibilities and that obviously keeps each one of us busy.

MI CASA - Su Casa
It was J who came up with the name Mi Casa and the meaning of the name is My House. So Micasa su casa means my house is your house

Bongo5: How did you rate yourselves when you heard your first single as a band for the first time?

J-Something: We knew we had something special to be honest. We just didn’t think things would happen so quick. These streets blew up like madness … We just feel so blessed!

Bongo5: How do you create your material, who writes and who comes up with the melodies?

J-Something: I write the lyrics and melody. Dr Duda programmed the grooves and make everything come together. He really is the genius behind the music. But the structure as to how a Mi Casa song comes about is very very random!

Bongo5: Do you quarrel sometimes? What is it that you always disagree about in your everyday activities as a band?

J-Something: Everyone has arguments. I was actually told that you should only ever go to war with someone that you have had a war with. It’s the only way to trust someone. So yes, we have disagreements now and then. Mostly about time and punctuality … But we have become really good at being on time. The greatest trait of this group is self respect.

Bongo5: What’s the hardest thing about being in a band?

J-Something: 3 different lives with different responsibilities … Because it’s hard to make decisions. But we understand de hotter so it helps a lot!

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Bongo5: What’s the most bizarre thing that has happened while you were onstage?

J-Something: Girls fainting right in front of my eyes? Is that bizarre enough? Lol

Bongo5: Do you enjoy being celebrities?

J-Something: We enjoy being part of Mi Casa. We sure as hell don’t really feel or act like celebrities. We love the platform we have. We are able to share our message with the world. It’s a blessing!

Bongo5: You will be coming to Tanzania for the second time, what do you have in store for your fans?

J-Something: Well brand new music. Last time we were there we were blown away by the response we got. We can’t wait to put on another show! We pride ourselves on that. We put on SHOWS! So we can’t wait to Jika with everyone!

Bongo5: Did you miss Tanzania? What did you miss the most?

J-Something: The people. Wow such friendly people. And our fans that we met last time. But the girls were also a key feature in our memories from Tanzania!

Bongo5: Rapper HHP was in Tanzania last month and he said Swahili is the English of Africa, do you know any Swahili word?

J-Something: Mmmmm … I personally don’t. But one of our members is from Zambia and he can speak. We will make sure we learn next time

Bongo5: Will you love to know some few lines and perhaps use them in your music?

J-Something: YES!!

Bongo5: Are you a fan of any Tanzanian musician?

J-Something: Vanessa Mdee was with us while we were there and she performed … We love her!

Bongo5: Are you available for a collaboration if at all one approaches you?

J-Something: Most definitely … Let’s unite through song!

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