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Exclusive: One on One with DJ Cuppy, Nigerian female DJ and the daughter of Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola (Video/Details)

Nigerian female DJ and producer Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola popularly known as DJ Cuppy is embarking her Pan – African tour on eight countries. Tanzania is a fifth country she has visited in her month-long tour.


The lovely daughter of the Nigerian billionaire, Femi Otedola came by at our studios and she had an exciting chat with Bongo5’s Head of Content, Fredrick ‘Skywalker’ Bundala.

On why she chose to be a DJ while she is a daughter of a billionaire

I don’t think that being associated with someone or being a relative of someone should influence the kind of person you are, I think that everyone has a personal journey so mine is just happened to be deejaying because that’s what I am passionate about. Lot of people ask me that kind of question and I am always surprised because I feel like is there some sort of destiny I was meant follow! This is what I wanted to do, so it’s what I am doing. But I am lucky because I have a supportive father; I have great parents that also push me as well so I think that, it’s important to do anything you do well.

On who taught her to be a DJ

It’s interesting because I actually have to say Youtube played a big part, I have being deejaying since I was 16, apart from watching videos online, sort of self practices as well. When I was 16, I asked for decks for my birthday and my parents bought them for me so I was able to just sit down in my room and practice.

On how challenging is to be a female DJ

Being a female DJ is very difficult, there is almost like a glass ceiling. I think that also Africans can support women a lot more; I think that they can support young people a lot more. These are things I deal with, sometimes ageism and sexism. I think that lot of times people tell me that I don’t look like a DJ; I always ask them like what is a DJ supposed to look like? I am always fighting a typical stereotype for a DJ and it’s not a female and it’s not an educated person, it’s not someone who is not culturally active. I don’t think that I need to trade or those things to be in a music industry; I think I can still go to school, I can still do a PHD if I want, I think I can still be culturally aware, I can still have a fantastic stable lifestyle and to be in the music industry.

On why she moved to New York City

I moved to New York last year for two reasons. I moved to New York because I wanted to pursue a second degree, I wanted to get masters, so I go to New York University I am in the business school and art school so I am doing a joint degree and also I am an intern at Roc Nation which is a very big, well position company in the American music industry. So it’s been exciting because I get to work on their African project. Roc Nation is going to start operations in Africa which is very exciting. They have a team, I help them put a team to make sure that they are able to launch different campaigns and it’s really trying to provide a stepping stone into America and vice versa so that there is more synergy between the music there.

On whether she meets Jay Z frequently

Such a funny story, I met him on my third week there and he is such an inspiring individual, I have met him like five times because he is in and out the office and he also travels a lot but he is definitely a fantastic person who is working very hard.

On what inspired her to embark on an African Tour

African Tour was inspired by me wanting to be an advocate for the continent. I want to see a more connected Africa, apart from trying to do different things around the world I also have to look out our continent, what can Cuppy discover about Africa. My tour is not only about me just putting on great music show there is also there also a lot of charity aspect.

Her advice to Tanzanian artists

It’s fantastic to see a Tanzanian artist like Diamond collaborating with so many different artists. I think what he is doing is really a great example of how one can expand. You have to look beyond the borders, you have to go, you have to be adventurous, you have to try some new sounds, that’s my advice and that’s why today I am in Tanzania, outside of my comfort zone and I am travelling around the world.

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