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HHP: Ngwair is one of the dopest emcees I have heard in Tanzania

Rapper Hip Hop Pantsula aka HHP wa Afrika Kusini aliwahi kusema marehemu Albert Mangwair ni miongoni mwa rappers wakali kabisa wa Tanzania aliowasikia.

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HHP aliyekuja Tanzania August mwaka jana matembezi, ‘Daraja Walk’ aliyoyaanzisha kutoka Afrika Kusini na kwenda katika nchi zingine za Afrika kwa miguu aliiambia Bongo5 kuwa rafiki yake alimsikilizisha nyimbo za Ngwair.

“I heard Ngwair yesterday. In Malawi I found out about that unfortunate thing of what happened in South Africa with him and it was very sad,” alisema.

“That guy that I heard, I heard his song yesterday and I’m like ‘yoo this is one of the dopest mcees I have in Tanzania’. I mean I know Profesa J, I know a couple of guys. I am not aware of what it’s on in Africa as far as rap is concerned, beyond Botswana. There are so many good rappers out there. And now to find out that one of the best rappers is lost to this big elephant (drugs) that we are trying to fight in Africa, it’s a sad state of affairs. From what I have heard from that guy, Hip hop here is very rich and what I love the most is, people are not afraid to explore also in Swahili.

From me man, 50 years from now whether people take me serious or not, I think Africa is going to get in a point when Swahili is going to be the English of Africa, everybody whether you are Zulu, Tswana, Khosa, Ngoni, Bemba, Lozi, people are gonna be speaking in Swahili throughout and we will be able to communicate better when we travel.”

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