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Huddah Monroe – ”Vera Sidika is not my enemy!”

Socialite cum businesswoman Huddah Monroe has finally addressed the long and protracted “bad blood” between her and Vera Sidika.According to Huddah the beef between socialite Vera Sidika and her is more of a media fabrication which is spread by the same media and enjoyed by fans.

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Honestly to God she has never been an issue. We are two different people. She is doing her and I am doing me.” She replied.

She then continued;

Media will always make things seem so bad and they create beef where it doesn’t exist. So you end up hating on another for no reason”.Huddah was responding to a question by a fan while using the new Instagram questioning feature. “That is not who I am. I am generally a very loving person. I regret all the bullshit and all the social media dramas and that’s why I don’t do it anymore. Cheers to positivity.“ She finished.

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