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I am so proud of my daughter – Lulu’s father

Having Elizabeth ‘Lulu’ Michael win the Africa Magic Viewers has motivated parents to begin taking interest in the talents the youth are best in.


Mr Michael, who is Elizabeth’s father was interviewed on how he felt about his daughter shining after she has been through a tough time. His words left many viewers posting how much they will never underestimate their children.

“I was not happy when Elizabeth began to act. She was so young and as a father you can never be that sure of what she is getting exposed to.They were times when I felt so ashamed and disappointed whenever I read the newspaper and they were stories of my young girl that I was not pleased,” he said.

“However each and every time I was convinced by my ex wife that they were rumours. I was still not convinced and I wanted her to quit.The reason to this was because it did not portray me as a good father to my family and friends,” he added.

“When I heard that she had won the award I was shocked and filled with so much joy.I am so proud of her.I cannot believe that it was actually her dream to attain the goal and previously I was to make her quit which would make her not succeed. I know for her it is just the beginning because she has time to work with one of the best African actors.This also prompts me to admit that if any of my children would like to take part in this sector I am their number one supporter.”


Yes,I agree it may seem as if one will never make it but a little endurance and hard work is exactly what Elizabeth did. And if you stick to one thing till you get there then you will make it for he who endures is a conquerer.

Elizabeth is a Conquerer. Congrats!!

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