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‘I’m too pretty to be broke’ -must read this 2018

When it comes to books reviews, you would want to note I’m too pretty to be broke’ and Things I will tell my daughter by Joan Thatiah.

The cover of I’m too Pretty to Be Broke and

Majority of you have been wasting time in your twenties thinking your beauty will sustain you. Well, when I read this book, the author has exhausted all your questions and the DEEP TRUTH. The Truth that no one wants to be told. For those that think, because your husband comes home, he is faithful…deep truth answers, for those that stay with a man after he cheats…Joan has noted ALL THE OTHER LIES you have been telling yourself!

I have read the book, and my favourite is never apologies for speaking what you feel. What do the other lies say about marriage? BUY THE BOOK and thank as you buy me belaire later. I love how Joan has made it clear in sex terms, friends and family relationships. I am ever grateful I came across this book, It is light, it is a reborn.

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