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Sheikha (Qatar based Kenyan Singer) analyses her favorite E. African female artists

Mercy Wangare aka Sheikha is an upcoming female singer from Kenya but resides in Doha, Qatar. She has recorded one song, Mali Mbele, produced by Clemo (Calif Records) in which Mejja was featured.

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Mercy Wangare aka Sheikha

Here she analyses her favorite female singers in East Africa, exclusively to Bongo5:

The likes of Yvonne Chaka Chaka really inspired me so much. I really liked their songs and they got amazing voices.



Wahu mirrors the emergent generation of strong Kenyan women, she rose as leader and role model of today’s society. She is strong, confident & ambitious able to coin positive and empowering messages in a fun and creative manner that gives the music both club and media appeal.



Juliana makes the song better than the track. Juliana is also well known in Africa and is regarded in Uganda as a national treasure. She has been on several awards list since the beginning of her music career.
She is a very smart woman also Uganda ‘s Fashion Icon” which motivate me to look better than ever. Her life and relationship story too motivates everyone to be strong.

She started off as a karaoke singer at the then popular nightspot Sabrina’s Pub in Kampala then teamed up with another successful songstress, Iryn Namubiru, to form I-Jay. Then after the split to pursue solo careers Julianna Kanyomozi has been Uganda’s top songstresses.

Lady Jaydee


I have been inspired by Lady Jaydee too ; I play and listen to her music ritually. I love and admire her powerfull vocal performances, and you know I have practiced to become the best vocalist by singing their songs all the times.


Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Black Box and all those artists who were big then. I remember I had my friend, we would go out of the flats and start singing Black box ‘songs and people who passed by kept looking at us. But still, I didn’t know that I would take it this far.

In my senior one, while in Bugema Adventists School, one day I did perform a gospel song in church. The applaud that the crowd gave me was overwhelming. That’s when I noticed that maybe I am good singer.
All these Ladies believed in themselves as well as their talents. Also they never let anybody tell them what they can or can not do or achieve in life.

Watch Sheikha’s musiv video below


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