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Thank you President Magufuli – In response to his tweet to all Tanzanians

This is the man that always consistently urges us to pray for him ever since he was elected on October 25th 2015 and his slogan of Hapa Kazi Tu was one of the highest hashtag on twitter right? I believe it’s high time to thank him for all that he has done on his first year as our President as he promised on the day he took over “It’s now time for us to unite and put our ideological differences aside. “I will work hard for all Tanzanians regardless of their tribal, religious or ideological affiliations.”

Allow me to highlight that if it was not for him, then our economy would be drained by now. You will agree with me that corruption was our main problem. Millionaires not paying taxes, the so called celebrities that want to be defined as role model not paying electricity bills and head of offices not ensuring machines are working for the safety of the country.

But God has been good to us, our own superman, genuine role model, God fearing President Dkt John Pombe Magufuli came to our rescue (This is where I get an Amen).

He has done us proud by serving fairly and leading by example. Although they were times we were all like…really Magufuli? Showing up to the airport randomly, showing up people’s work place so its either your sacked or not, declining his invitation from British Prime Minister David Cameron to the Anti-Corruption Summit (No new friends eh?) and sadly scrapping down our independence celebration.

Thank you President, for saving us socially, economically and politically. It has been a true experience under your leadership and we truly looking forward for more. Indeed there is so much we have learnt, to budget, sacrifice a lot to make a better Tanzania, to think before signing deals to benefit all, to work passionately and above all to pray to God.

Personally, I have learnt in order to get what I want, I should not sabotage other or be selfish but to rather cut down the things that I like to make it. So fellow comrades, the countdown to 2017 has begun, ready or not we are going to work extra smart, live in peace and play our part. Aren’t we?

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