TOK launches Tanz Music Awards 2006

TOK band members were suprise guests and subsequent chief guests during the launch of the Kilimanjaro Lager Tanzania Music Awards 2006 at the NSSF Waterfront hall in Dar es salaam.

TOK launches TZ Music Awards 2006


TOK band members were suprise guests and subsequent chief guests during the launch of the Kilimanjaro Lager Tanzania Music Awards 2006 at the NSSF Waterfront hall in Dar es salaam.

The National Arts Council (BASATA) an organ under the Ministry of Education and Culture in its effort of establishing a Mechanism for identifying and honouring renown national artists in 1999 introduced Tanzania Music Awards for the first time.

Having founded the program BASA T A in collaboration with “Serengeti Promotions” Under its Director Mr. John Kagaruki started the event. Awards were given for the work done by artists between January and December 1998. This event represented the Climax of the Music Calendar at National Level.

The same system of awarding the previous year’s work was to be applied to the subsequent annual Tanzania Music Awards events.
In 2000. Look Promotion was granted the permit under the directorship of Mbamba Uswege and in conjunction with Clouds FM. In its third year 2002. the art Promotion Company Dandu Planet Africa. under the Late James Dandu. applied to hold the event working in partnership with Robert Zangi who later became organizing committee chairman.

The event was held in close collaboration with TBL who sponsored under their Kilimanjaro Premium lager Brand. The Event proved to be the very successful for both musicians and music lovers. Dandu Planet Africa went on to apply to hold the 2002 event that was to be held on March 28,2003.

Year 2003 Tanzania Music Awards event went under the sponsorship of Kilimanjaro Premium larger and marked another very successful event. T his included the expansion of the scope of musicians being recognized.

First, the number of categories were increased up to 31. Secondly the awards encourage up – coming regional musicians, there was an extension to Regional level. BASA T A and District Cultural officers from Mwanza Region, Mbeya and Arusha took part.

Another significant success in years 2003, 2004 and 2005. Tanzania Music Awards was that the total cash prizes value for winners rise to over TShs. 10,500,OOO/= BASATA do encourage Tanzania artists to strive for excellence in their work of art, thus realize their dream of not only succeeding on the continental stage but also beyond.

Year 2006 saw TOK group from Jamaica unveiling the event at a gala night held at the NSSF Waterfront hall in Dar es salaam last night. And the Chairman of the organising commitee, John Mhina, officially set the ball rolling by announcing the official start of the annual event.

Firstly, there would be nominations by the public through various media, including newspapers, radio and television. secondly, the nominees would compete in zonal basis before coming down to the finals.

Tanzania has yet to adobt the western style of nominating best artists by way of record sales as that is still a secretl. Nobody knows who sold what and how many/much for lack of a proper mechanism.

It is also believed that this is one way of evading tax as well as promoting the rampant piracy which is a teething problem in Tanzania. The fact that the copyrights act 1999 has already been officially sanctioned but still piracy goes on unabated makes the music industry reek with graft.

Improvements since Kilimanjaro Premium larger took over the sponsorship:-

  • The awards and Cash prizes rose to up to over TSH. 10,500,000/=.
  • The extension of the awards to Regional level in order to promote up-coming/underground Musicians all over the country.
  • Establishing a strong team of Tanzania Music Awards Committee for the smooth running of the entire program.
  • To promote categories for the awards to go in line with International ones.
  • Introducing “Wall of Fame” for the “Prominent Tanzania Musicians who have contributed to the success of Tanzania Music Development.


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