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Umeshaitazama show ya Dume Challenge? Unakosa mengi

Dume Challenge ni kipindi kipya cha TV kinachorushwa kila Jumamosi saa moja jioni kupitia ITV.

Ni reality show inayotayarishwa na kampuni ya Real2Reel Film Productions Tanzania inayoshirikisha wanaume 12 wanaoshindana kwenye kazi mbalimbali za kuogopesha, (stunts).

“The challenges range from an army style obstacle course and a sea kayak race to a tin can alley task whilst riding a camel and an inverted bungee jump game. The competitors will be judged based on how they perform in the tasks as well as how they exhibit the core values of the Dume condoms brand (true to themselves, strength, respect, leadership, adaptability, intelligence and respect). The difficult task of judging the contestants falls in to the laps of three celebrity judges. Based on their decision one contestant is eliminated each week until the Dume Challenge winner is crowned. The winner will become an ambassador for the Dume brand and will also walk away with 20 million tsh in prize money,” yanasema maelezo kwenye ukurasa wa Facebook wa Real2Real.

“The TV show is the first of it’s kind in East Africa and has taken over a year to produce. It was filmed over an intense but exciting 50 day period in locations across Tanzania: from Dar Es Salaam city, the beaches of Kigamboni, deserted islands and Marine Parks to the Kilimanjaro region in the North of the country. At the root of this successful project is its crew, an energetic, passionate and dedicate team of professionals that love their work.”

Photo Credits: Real2Real Facebook Page

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