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Video: Exclusive Interview with Feza Kessy and O’neal

This is the most anticipated interview of the year. Oneza fans across Africa have being waiting anxiously to finally see their Ninjas, as they call them, elaborating about their love and career life. Now Bongo5 is providing you with this exclusive interview with the most celebrated couple in Africa, Onize.

Feza; On how people in Botswana love her

Botswana has been so awesome and I love Botswana, they have been very good to me, they have accepted me, they appreciate me, they appreciated us, so it was honouring, I was honoured. I was already an artist before I went into the house, years back I was the Miss TZ runner-up bra bra. So I have never actually experienced this I am experiencing now. Even now back in Tanzania I don’t find people who would come and scream and say ‘can I take a picture’ they wanna hug me. They wanna cry when they see me, they wanna give me hug, they wanna give me money, it’s love all round. We were told ‘after the house, a few months later, the hype will die and nobody will care who you are’. Botswana is not having that, they still love us, and they still embrace us, they still go ‘gaga’ when they see us.

O’neal: On how he feels seeing the love people in Botswana have for Feza

I think for now it just validates what I saw in her at the first time, the same thing they see in her, I saw in her during the Big Brother experience.

Feza: On whether she has left her music career

No. I still love music, I am still doing music and hopefully my next single is going to be out before this month ends. O’neal pushes me so much to go in the studio to point the that we have argued and I told him ‘ I don’t want go to the studio, I want to sleep today’. So he is really pushing my career really had, to the point he forgets about his work, he has become like a manager.

Feza: On whether she is going to stay in Botswana permanently

I would love to stay in Botswana permanently, so far not yet, am in and out. But obviously most of my time is in Botswana.

O’neal: On how he was attracted to Feza before entering Big Brother house

I knew her before, not necessarily fell in love with her. I was attracted to her before we got into the house.

Feza: On whether O’neal controlled her in BBA House

The thing is, am such a strong character and they saw that in the beginning of the house before obviously I was in the ruby house. They just got to see different sides of me. If you would live with us now you would see that you can’t control me. You can’t say that you control me. I am very outspoken, I know what I want, I am very independent, smart, and how do you control a single mother? I think they got to see me as being single in the Diamond house and they saw me in a relationship. If Big Brother decided to bring my son into the house another two weeks, they would see something totally different, a different side of me that they have never seen before.

O’neal: On whether we will see him pop the question soon

Unfortunately people loved us from the show and we appreciate all of that,. But there is a reality to our relationship that we have to deal with it every day. There is also the personal stuff that we have to deal with and they have expectations. That’s why they expected her to be happy and appear militant every day on the show.
Some day she wouldn’t as militant because she would probably be emotionally exhausted. We had to go through the experience, people don’t get it, and it’s the same thing outside. We have challenges that we go through as a relationship. They have expectations, they think ‘okay they are at the house they met, now they are doing this, after this, then it’s engagement. Unfortunately it’s doesn’t work that way because she is ambitious, I am ambitious as well and we have priorities. So what we do is, we have to co-exist throughout the relationship. And engagement will happen maybe soon, maybe later.


It’s really hard because people expect a fairytale story, like a Cinderella kind of story. Basically what happened when we were in the house we were trying to learn one another if I make any sense. It was a beginning of a relationship. So obviously there are things that I would do he didn’t like and vice versa. So basically right now is that we are stronger than in the house. Now we are just focusing on us and our careers. So people should just come down and wait for the time when it will happen. In God’s time it will happen, not in our time, not in their time.

Feza: On the reason for their visit in Tanzania

Spend time together and obviously to meet my family, my son, my mom, they are also excited right now. They are planning if they should come to Dar or If we should go to Arusha, so it’s a big family.

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