Here’s why Hamisa turns down marriage proposals

One would be forgiven for assuming Hamisa Mobetto could get any man she wants and have him eating out of the palms of her hands but that magic doesn’t seem to work on Diamond Platnumz.

You see, Hamisa Mobetto has convinced herself that she and Diamond have an unmistakable chemistry that culminated on the set of his video for the song Salome, that ended with the pair in bed together and after the romp (which she was spiteful enough to throw into Zari Hassan’s face) she bore him a son, Abdul Naseeb Jnr.

She recently addressed her ambitions to secure one of the most prosperous artistes in East, Central and Southern Africa when she spoke to a Tanzanian media outlet and said,

Wapo wengi tu ambao wamekuja kutaka posa lakini kuoana na mtu mnatakiwa muwe na chemistry moja. Mimi na Diamond tushakuwa na mtoto lakini nina mwingine pia kama alivyo yeye,”

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