The Good Samaritan from the states or unknown hero

Andy Crossman is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Entrepreneur, and Humanitarian. He runs companies built on helping vulnerable people and those with disabilities become independent and included in their communities.

His passion for inclusion has gotten him recognized by the African community in Idaho and beyond as he has provided many jobs and opportunities for refugees.

Andy is also a volunteer at the International Rescue Committee where he helps with resettlement and employment skills with recently arrived refugees. Andy and his wife Lindsey active donors to NGOs providing support in Africa such as Kiva, Because International, Ghana Make a Difference, WaterAid, and Charity:Water. Providing more than a just a paycheck, Andy is known for helping with the wellbeing of Africans in Idaho by helping them in learning English and computer skills, working toward citizenship, and ensuring that their families are stable and cared for. We are excited to announce that Andy has been nominated for our annual

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