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Juliana Kanyomozi: Stop uploading my videos on Youtube

Ugandan sexy singer, Juliana Kanyomozi today has expressed her disappointment after finding out that she is was reported for copyright infringement on her own video that she paid for. This is what she explains on Facebook:


“First I start by appreciating the work people like Din Tv, Afroberliner, Ug Pulse etc have done by uploading Ugandan videos in the past, and it hasn’t been in vain for them since they have monetized accounts and they make money from uploading those videos. However, I now own a YouTube account and upload my own videos unless I give someone else permission to do so.

How can someone report me for copyright infringement on my own video that I paid for and participated in it’s creation?? They don’t know what I go through to create my work, they don’t know what inspires me to do what I do and how much I put in emotionally, physically and financially. They don’t know what my work means to me. But they wait to benefit from a finished product.

From now moving forward, I will be uploading my own videos and whoever has been uploading my videos should therefore stop unless I give them permission to do so.

My sincere apologies to all my fans that can’t access the ‘EDDIBA’ video from my channel at the moment. I’d like to inform you that everything possible is being done to have the video back up as soon as possible. Thank you for your love and support.”

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