Wema: ‘I pray to God anichukue tu, nikapumzike… I’m seriously tired… nimechoka mimi’

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Inaonekana tukio la Diamond kurekodi mazungumzo ya simu na Wema Sepetu na kuyasambaza kwenye vyombo vya habari yamemuumiza kwa kiasi kikubwa Miss Tanzania huyo wa zamani, muigizaji wa filamu na CEO huyo wa kampuni ya Endless Fame Films.


Yamemuumiza kiasi cha kutamani Mungu aichukue tu roho yake aepukane na maudhi, karaha na shida za Ulimwengu huu. Kupitia Twitter, jana Wema aliandika: ‘I pray to God anichukue tu, nikapumzike… I’m seriously tired… nimechoka mimi’. Hata hivyo tweet hiyo aliifuta baadaye.

Kama haitoshi kupitia Instagram, alifunguka kwa kina zaidi ambapo aliandika:

One day il be dead and gone, im sure many of u will cry a lot… thez going to be a lot of good stuff said abt wema… even those of u who loath me soo much are going to remember me even if I dint do anything or leave any mark in your lives… I just wanna say one thing, I have never bin so tired of living my whole life… im soo tired. I’ve had enuf of human beings… I’m frustrated, I feel miserable… try put urselves in my shoes. I don’t think thez a person who wants to be living a life with drama everyday… just yesterday I said no one can break Wema Sepetu but today I’m jus broken… please atleast feel pity for me. Why me lord…? God this is too much… im getting weak… is dis wat uve always wanted… to break me…? Its soo hard. So so so hard… I jus want to have peace… dats it…

Maneno hayo mazito ya Wema yalivutia hisia za watu wengi wanaomfollow kwenye mtandao huo walioamua kumpa maneno ya busara.

Rahabmbise aliandika: I hear you gal, but listen to me don’t give haters chance to win, look at how you have been blessed abundantly, God has given you beauty, brain and smartness above all intelligence. Don’t let this people take that from you. As much as they will sit down and talk look at how many blessing your receiving each minute, look at the success you have. Everything happen for a reason so don’t qns too much and hate yourself. The moment you do you give your enemies reason to keep hitting back on you. The weakness of the mind lead to weakness of Soul hence depression…don’t let it lead to that, your still young and have a long way to go…..stand up and feel strong #teamnoonecanbreakWema. And if you keep saying that no one will. In the meantime sit down and relax and say thank you lord for this enemies who are are trying to make my life miserable. And blessed be to all this fun who are showering me with love. Just realize your so blessed and God will never let you walk alone. 10h

Tindobarbie aliandika: Una cancer?hapana,ukimwi hapana,kichaa hapana,mapafu hapana,figo hapana,upere hapana hata chunusi za kuudhi huna….haya una kazi?hapana una office yako mwenyewe,huna bwana hapana unae anae kujari,huna hela?hapana una mamillion ya pesa God knows how much,huna gari?hapana una magari tena audi hata mbunge hana,huna pa kulala?hapana hamna msanii or wat so ever they call themselves wanaokuweza.they torture u coz they envy u,u shud have seen better ,next tym don u dare curse God like that,u gat all that some of us consider as success,u gat dogs that u spending on,tell me who does dat?n now a cheap rat from slums shud make u get tired of life real?no u joking…!don give them reasons to say they made u sad,u r ur own boss u don need to be someone’s baby mama to get a car duh!wema pls ignore these ratchet haters darln,u been there u av done that…stay focused n move on!words real?watu wamezaliwa wanasema.kuwa shupavu Kama lulu na lowasa so far those people went thruu hell n they survived!xoxo 10h

Amthetruthwhenitcomestoit aliandika:
All this sympathy won’t do shit other than make her feel vulnerable and shit. Too much sympathy actually depresses a soul. @wemasepetu just put down this post and attend to your life. I hear you a busy lady so u must have a lot to plan for and get fulfilled. U gotta know that some one out there readin all this and sayin “yay we got her” … u don’t need this. U need to deal with it personally coz it don’t matter what or how a billion ppo feel sorry n sad for ya if your inner self is not ready to keep moving. Hence depression. Aye be safe tho. #peace.

Starlishasunnyway aliandika:
WEMA ur a beautiful gal don’t worry about anything. God is with u, whatever the circumstances allow God’s love to pass thru the pain. It must b God love 1st not any human being bse God’s love is the only love that is perfect to pass ur stringent test. His love is perfect n will cast out fear. His love will restore the opportunity 4 the little gal in u to have a loving relationship with his Allah who will not fail. My cheap advice……love is God gift given against pain. WEMA refuse 2 accept the loathing of other people, don’t allow their opinion to creep into ur inner person. Refuse 2 loathe itself, if no one else has compassion on u, remember that God does n that’s the reason enough 2 be good 2 urself…… Go enjoy urself today n let everything go. Much love.

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