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Dj Khaled na Chloe x Halle kuungana na Beyonce na Jay Z kwenye OTR II Tour

Dj Khaled na Chloe x Halle atajiunga kwenye ziara ya Beyonce na Jay Z ‘OTR II Tour.’

Khaled ameshare habari hizo kupitia twitter kwa kuandika, “Hitting the road with @S_C_ and @Beyonce in North America for the #OTR2 tour!! #BLESSUP #FANLUV,” ameandika Khaled kwenye mtandao huo.”

Nao Chloe x Halle wameandika, “we are so happy to announce that we’ll be joining the OTR II tour North American leg!!!! ❤️❤️ we just want to give to the biggest thanks to @beyonce x @S_C_ for always believing in our artistry and giving us this opportunity. see you soon everyone xoxo 💋.”

Dj Khaled aliwahi kuwa kwenye ziara ya Formation ya Beyonce iliyofanyika mwaka 2016. Ziara ya OTR II itaanza Juni 6 mwaka huu Cardiff, Uingereza.

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