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Miss Dar es Salaam set to kick off for the first time (Video)

Miss Dar es Salaam is one of the major events that is to set off the road to Miss Tanzania. Press Conference for the beauty pageant took place at the Club Next Door earlier today.

The criteria used to nominate the models was from the regional district competitions (Kinondoni, Ilala, Temeke) to combine 27 contestants in total. The 1st and 2nd runner up of this pageant will be given a piece of land (sq 800) from the competitions which will take place 3rd August 2018 on Arena Hotel. Khalid Ngulume, Matilda Marlon,Catherine Matron were part of the organizers.

Sponsors of the event Bongo5, Marcelena Fragrance, Mgesi Designs, Fefe designs.



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