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Rapper Keko blasts Ugandan media

Ugandan Rapper Keko has no kind words to Ugandan Media.


Early today she took it to social media to blast UG tabloids and the media in general, “Only in Uganda is where the media hates on Talent. Wonder why you have no exports? The fire is put out by the people supposed to feed it. You sweat to build a nice house but still people try to tear it down. Does it mean you stop? No, you find better ways to strengthen it, Being famous in Uganda was not why I got into music. I got into it because it was an artistic outlet. I care less for the cameras n tabloids,” posted Keko.

Meanwhile her manager Shade Kuteesa has Come Out to clear the air over the Buzz that has been going around that him and KEKO were fighting over her smoking weed behavior it’s not true. ‘She is clean as pure water’ said the Manager.

Source: Msetoea

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