Jiunge ufaidi miezi 2 bure!

Usiku na Mchana – Pryshon

Usiku na Mchana is a sensational song that has been highly anticipated by Kenyans. Pryshon is  giving us this regret themed song after her previous hit, Thinkin about you. Usiku na Mchana is basically about  a girl who left her boyfriend and now she is regrets because the boy used to treat her so well. The reason as to why she has been missing in action, ‘Is due to not having a strong team and she was conned at first so I had  to re-do the work that made a fuss. My fans should know that I am back and I am planning on being consistent! Usiku na Mchana is shit i have been highly waiting to do ‘ she told bongo5.


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